RESOURCES - This site follows the textbook . It has flashcards to [[#|practice vocabulary]] as well as puzzles, verb conjugators, grammar tutorials and cultural information. It will be a valuable resource during the year. We also use this website to practice in - This site will connect students to review activities from the textbook. It includes games, puzzles, songs, practice activities and a 20 question [[#|practice test]] for each chapter. It also has the vocabulary page for each chapter. Students can use the web code jck-1001 to access the page. - Type in the web code jck-1001 and scroll down the page until you find the current chapter we are working on. -There are a variety of games and activities on quia to practice [[#|vocabulary]] such as Hangman, Rags to Riches, matching games and puzzles. I will list specific sites as we are studying particular This site will help review verb conjugation as well as other grammatical concepts. It can also be used to review vocabulary for specific chapters in the textbook. In order to practice -AR verb conjugations, please follow these [[#|directions]]:once you are on the conjuguemos page, click on Spanish verbs on the left hand side of the page. Next, click on #2, present tense regular verbs. Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and highlight only the -AR verbs by holding down the control and alt keys. For the pronouns, choose ALL but VOSOTROS. Click start and it will begin a 5 minute [[#|practice quiz]]. You can change the time if you'd like! This site reviews everything having to do with the Spanish language! There are grammar tutorials for whatever topic you would like as well as vocabulary reviews. - This site reviews vocabulary with flashcards, games and practice quizzes. Type in the search the chapter we are currently study and the name of our textbook(Realidades) and there are tons of resources. Check it out!
To review geography of Spanish speaking countries, use the following websites: - Level I - Beginner, Level 2 - Advanced Beginner, Level 3 - Intermediate

To review the numbers 0-100, use the following websites: